All About the Sims Mobile Hobbies of the Game – A Brief Guide

the sims mobile hobbies

Unlike in the PC and console versions of the game, you have no option to give your Sims skills in The Sims Mobile version.

That sounds pretty dull, right? So how has the game raked in over 40 million downloads?

Because in the mobile version, you get to give your Sims exciting hobbies. Now you are going to learn everything about the sims mobile hobbies.

What are the Hobbies in Sims Mobile?

the sims mobile hobby list

Hobbies are exciting activities that your Sims can take partake in. You get to unlock the Hobby center after reaching level 8.

Initially, there are five hobbies that you can choose from. As you progress, more hobbies will be unlocked.

Taking part in hobby events will also be added to your daily tasks. By successfully completing hobby events, you can earn plenty of Simoleons.

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Apart from reaching level eight, you will also need to buy hobby-specific equipment. You can change your character’s hobby by giving them new equipment.

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The five initial hobbies that you will have to master include –

1.      ‘Now Were Cooking’

In order to access this hobby, you need to be a level-eight player. You can cook meals and become your town’s most famous chef!

As a reward for choosing this hobby, you get four culinary items, which will make progressing the levels easier.

There are ten levels. Upon reaching the tenth level, your Sim will earn the ‘Master Chef’ tag.

2.      ‘Six-String Fling’

With this hobby, your Sim can become a musical expert. This hobby is unlocked after reaching the twelfth level.

Develop a hobby to get five different items as rewards. This hobby is quite easy to complete. As you progress through the levels, your Sim will get to play guitar for guests at parties.

This will give you a lot of party interaction points.

3.      ‘Tales from the Script’

This hobby will make your Sim a skilled writer. You will have to purchase a desk from the store to access this hobby.

Unlockable at level 15, this easy hobby allows your Sims to develop their skills by practicing writing, watching the television, and taking showers.

4.      ‘Yay for Vinyasas’

To make your Sim take up this hobby, you will have to provide him or her with a Yoga mat. Yoga mats are only up for sale after you reach level 17.

The skills your Sim will be able to acquire by taking up this hobby include making candles and incenses.

By becoming an expert at this hobby, you get to unlock a bookshelf and a waterfall. These items will help you in the future when they are left behind as heirlooms.

By reaching the tenth level of this hobby, you Sim becomes officially ‘enlightened’ which is another character.

5.      ‘Play it Again, Sim.’

The most complicated hobby of them all, to take on the hobby of piano playing, you will first have to buy the Maestro’s Grand Piano Family-Heirloom.

To buy this, you will need to spend Sim tickets that you can earn by partaking in family events.

The best strategy is to explore all of these wonderful hobbies at least once. Give all of your Sims these exciting hobbies and create exciting stories!

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