My Story Choose Your Own Path – A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners!


Plenty of story games are out there, but My Story Choose Your Own Path is much better than all of them due to its fantastic features and impressive gameplay.

The game is available for both Android and iOS devices for free. After downloading the game from your on-device app store, you can start playing it to have ultimate game experience.

The game is easy to play, so you don’t need to struggle with lots of complications. First of all, complete its tutorial and then get started with the story of your favorite genre.

In every story, you should make your choices wisely because it makes a direct impact on the outcomes.

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At every stage, you need to make choices, so try to be aware of some essential factors. A wrong choice can affect the outcome of the story, so take your steps wisely to be a pro player.

Role of In-Game Currencies


It is not possible to make progress faster in this game without having enough tickets and diamonds. Well, these are the two main currencies that shouldn’t be ignored.

It is important for players to know how to earn these currencies. Well, there are many ways that help to earn tickets and diamonds.

Tickets are the primary currency that you can acquire by completing several tasks or log in the game daily. On the other hand, diamonds are not easy to acquire, and that’s why you should spend them smartly.

Completing a chapter of the story can help to earn diamonds, and many other tips are provided by experts @ that you should follow.

Try to gather unlimited tickets and diamonds and then spend them wisely to make the most out of them.

Make Your Choices Wisely

The game entirely based on making decisions, and that’s why you need to keep this thing in mind. At every stage, you will be provided with different options to choose from.

The game starts with some options regarding the different stories. By picking the right story, you will have to focus on making the choices that will decide the outcomes.

Players can bring an end to the story as per their choices. If you know this fact, then you should try to make the right choices at every stage to get the best outcomes.

Keep playing the game and try to make the right decisions to enjoy the game.

Tips for Beginners

If you don’t know how to play this game, then you don’t need to worry as it is simple. You just need to complete the chapters of the stories by unlocking them.

It helps to grab rewards which you can use later to make in-game purchases. Players should also buy the best outfits and other items to customize the looks of their characters.

In every story, you will get a new character that you need to customize as per your desire. After this, you can play the game with more interest and fun.

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