WWE Supercard Hack: How to Get More Rewards

WWE Supercard Hack

WWE SuperCard Season 6 is an excellent hub to win rewards. You can use all the following wwe supercard hack and cheats in order to earn lots of rewards.

After the successful five seasons, the developers have created thousands of ways to give away their players.

In this topic, we will enlighten those rewards which can be secured without much effort.

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Login Bonus

Login Bonus

The primary way to secure some reward is merely logging in to your game daily. There are five different rewards for playing the game daily.

You can get rewards after five, nine, fourteen, nineteen, and twenty-five days. The awards get higher as you play.

Even you do not play, log in once and secure that you do not have a break in this journey. If you don’t play one day, you will start from day one.

Participate In Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges

Daily challenges are the best rewards in the game as they give you the two strongest in-game currency; Credits and coins.

Credits are essential to purchase card packs or attitudes in the game. When you have enough credits, you can redeem them in the store and get card packs. These cards pack unveil new Super Stars and Support Cards.

Coins are also a valuable currency that can be used in the game store. The game store is available in the bottom right corner of the screen.

You can see the number of coins required to purchase one card pack. When you have enough coins, redeem them, and get the best cards. As part of some legal ways, here are some best wwe supercard cheats that you can use to earn energy and cards for free.

Improve Your Points in Wild Mode and Get Rewards

Improve In Wild Mode

Do you even know that merely playing a match in the wild mode will reward you? Yes, the number of matches you play counts as a ladder reward.

When you are into the game for more time, then you must check your profile. There you will find the number of matches you have played.

There you will find the number of matches you need to play more to win the next reward.

Use LP Store and Get Card Packs

LP Store

PVP mode is an excellent mode to collect the reward. Be it in the number of a draft pick or the leader pack.

When you take part in any event, the number of points you collect from each match counts as a meter, and they finally turn up into rewards.

You can check the awards from the momentum meter at the top of the event page.

Collect All the Rewards

Whenever you see a notification on your screen, always click on it. There might be some advice waiting there or an excellent prize to claim.

Collect All Rewards

Get Card Packs Free in Store

Visit the store every now and then. There is a free reward card pack after a specific interval. You can collect the card pack for free of cost.

Another best part is if you watch a commercial ad, you can obtain another load from the store.

Final Words

Finally, I would like to remind you that the card game can be best enjoyed when you play a lot of it.

There are tons of distinctive modes to hook you up also; hence you will never feel bored. Use the tricks mentioned above and be a Champion.

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